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Environmental Stewardship at Kent

Kent School is committed to environmental stewardship, which is focused on two primary goals:

1.    Establish a culture of sustainability that is aimed at understanding environmental challenges and the everyday actions necessary to address those challenges.
2.    Ensure all students are exposed to environmental concerns while examining the institutional practices implemented at Kent to drive sustainability.  A Kent School graduate will have the knowledge necessary to identify environmental issues and take the steps necessary to build a more sustainable future.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to examine environmental issues and construct an action plan to strengthen the School’s leadership position in environmental stewardship.  All are involved in the following practices:


Reduce Green House Gas emissions through conservation and on-site generation of clean renewable energy (Solar Photovoltaic Systems).  Bring renewable energy production into the classroom to study the various processes used to create renewable energy and the positive impact this has on the environment.


Use campus gardens and purchase from farmers in Litchfield County and upstate New York in order to serve sustainable, local food in our Dining Hall.  Study the importance of sustainable processes used to purchase, prepare and dispose of waste. Heighten awareness and help reduce Kent School food waste.


Through environmental science classes, self-study of renewable energy monitoring systems, discussion with Dining Hall managers, a tour of existing geothermal systems, assessment of local ecology and participation in conservation challenges the review of environmental challenges becomes part of every student’s Kent School education.


Upgrade campus facilities with more efficient windows and lighting, expand the recycling program throughout campus and eliminate of trays in the Dining Hall. 

Vendor Management

Establish a procurement process to ensure the responsible use of environmental resources.  Partner with vendors to drive environmental sustainability.

Kent School is committed to advancing the key principals of sustainability and creating a learning environment where every student becomes a steward of the environment.